Guitar Pyrography: A Short Yet Powerful Read

Once you’re sure of your pyrography skills, you can take on big projects. One such exciting project is guitar pyrography. Guitars offer a large surface for pyrography. It gives you the chance to experiment with larger patterns and themes. Today, we’ll take a look at the basic procedure of pyrography on a wooden guitar surface. Let’s get going!

Why Guitar Enthusiasts Are Crazy for Pyrography

Abstract art guitar pyrography by Sacred Fire Arts
Abstract art guitar pyrography by Sacred Fire Arts
  1. Playing guitars require a great talent. Surely any guitarist is a creative person. Pyrography on guitars is a cherry on top for any guitar lover.
  2. Guitar tunes generates happy signals on brain, it provokes us to be more creative. An additional art on the guitar body makes an epitome of art for the artist.
  3. The guitar builders are one step ahead of this creativity, they build their own guitars or sell them as profession.
  4. Making arts/designs via burning tool on wood/MDF/plywood of the guitar surface is extremely satisfying. It gives the guitar builder a supreme happiness if the burn project goes well.
  5. Pyrography gives the guitar an antique look
  6. If the guitar is having burn designs on it, this guitar price goes up tremendously. It is not only a musical instrument at this point. Rather it is something of unfathomable artistic value.
  7. An extreme level of varieties of the pyrography can be done on guitars. Having a few guitars with pyrography is like owning a genre of guitars.


  1. You can do it yourself even if you are new to wood burning.
  2. But never burn on a finished guitar
  3. Stained surface on the finished guitars create toxic fumes. Read this article on pyrography on stained wood.

Steps to Adorn a Guitar with Pyrography

Animal portrait burnt on guitar
Animal portrait burnt on guitar


  1. Make sure your guitar is not assembled
  2. Only pick a non-treated wooden body of the guitar to work with
  3. Prepare the wood of the guitar for pyrography
  4. Assemble your pyrography tools
  5. Take safety precautions (Here’s a good read on pyrography safety)
  6. Be prepared to sit at your workstation for a few long hours
  7. Transfer your chosen pattern onto the guitar surface
Pyrography on electric guitar
Pyrography on electric guitar


  1. Heat your pyrography pen and trace over the outline of the pattern
  2. Once you have the outline done, take a break
  3. Take a good look at the outline and decide on shading
  4. Take your time with shading and detail work
  5. Making one mistake at any point will ruin the entire guitar, so go slow
  6. Any time you feel like your attention is drifting, take a break
  7. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t finish the work in a single day
Guitar Pyrography
Guitar Pyrography


  1. Once you’re done with pyrography, put away your tools safely
  2. Stain, seal, or varnish the wood with your preferred product
  3. Assemble your guitar

And you’re done!

Following is the pyrography demonstration on the electric guitar mentioned above.

If you’d like a more detailed look at the steps of pyrography on a guitar, you can check out this helpful video tutorial or you can play it right here.

Guitar pyrography demonstration

You can choose any one of the themes from a host of pyrography patterns. This article will help you here.


Attempting pyrography on a guitar sure is daunting work. Therefore, I advise you to attempt this project only after you have mastered all the basics and at least a few intermediate pyrography skills. Having a lot of patience would help in this project as well. 

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of pyrography on the whole surface, you can just choose a part to work on. A mandala, a cluster of geometric patterns, or even your name would look just as fancy. 

We hope this blog helped you. So, are you going to try pyrography on a guitar right away? Let us know how it goes in the comments! Happy burning. 

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